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Kerr's Roofing is a Enviroshake Certified Installer.

A "greener" approach to roofing shingles!

Enviroshake Inc. has developed a superior composite blend and formulation that is used to create the company’s signature roofing product, the Enviroshake. This durable and attractive premium quality roofing product is the only composite on the market that authentically looks like a natural silvered cedar shake.

The product has been used in high profile new construction and renovation projects such as the Henry David Thorough home and featured on numerous television shows. Enviroshake is available across Canada and the U.S. and can be purchased exclusively through Certified Installers to maintain the highest level of installation quality.

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Hints & Tips

Annual Roof Inspections

Try to have a look at your roof at least once a year, or after any major storms, other than ice storms.

Pick a good dry time to do it so you reduce any possible accidents.

Don't go on a roof if you feel even a little bit apprehensive about doing so, especially if it’s too steep, anything over 30 degrees can get tricky so ask a professional to do it.

Always use caution when using ladders and consider all safety concerns.

Shingles of all Kinds!