Fibreglass Architectural Lifetime Shingles

Fibreglass Architectural Lifetime Shingles

The most cost effective roofing solution you can use are shingles and with the advent of fibreglass shingles, you not only get a fair-priced product, but one that comes with up to a 50-year warranty.

Fibreglass shingles are a step above the conventional asphalt shingles as they withstand our hot and humid summers. The fibreglass core makes the shingle fire-retardant and heat-resistant so the edges don’t tend to curl under extreme heat. Their sturdy formation also gives them resistance to wind damage and many come with optional algae resistance.

You have many styles and colours to choose from and there are some that can imitate the look of slate or wooden shake shingles. As a proud supporter of products made in Canada, Kerr’s roofing sources our product that is sustainable and continues to support our economy.

We primarily use IKO shingles, a family owned product that is used throughout the world. We are certified as a ShieldPro Plus contractor with IKO which means we’ve a certified professional roofing contracting that adheres to their strict process. We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty and the IKO full replacement warranty.

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When you choose Kerr’s Roofing for your Kingston roofing project, you can expect personalized service from the initial phone call to any follow-up warranty services. Whether we do your roofing, eaves trough cleaning, roofing inspection or any maintenance and repair work, your complete satisfaction is our top priority.